Have a question about voting? Our Quick Guide can help.

I missed the registration deadline, can I still vote? What do I need to do to update your address? Do I need to show I.D. when I vote in North Carolina? What is same day registration? If you have a question, our Quick Guide on Voting might help.

Download the Guide below:

November 6th, 2012 State Voter Guide now available

Overview of the Guide

This Voter Guide is intended to give you vital information about voting in North Carolina and about candidate seeking election to the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and the offices of Auditor, Commissioner of insurance, and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Who pays for this guide?

The cost of this guide is paid for by the Public Campaign Fund; it receives money from a voluntary $3 check off designation on the state tax form and from a $50 surcharge on the annual dues attorneys pay to the State Bar. This fund also helps judicial candidates who qualify for limited public campaign support. No state General Fund tax money pays for this guide.


Precinct Officials Needed

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Precinct Official for the Beaufort County Board of Elections. Please read the following information concerning Precinct Officials and if you are interested, please complete the Precinct Official Application at the bottom of this page.

Straight-Party Voting Explained

In order to ensure that all voters receive the information about President/Vice President being voted separately from all other offices, our office has been directed to reproduce the message below and distribute to all voters at the time of:

  • Issuance of absentee ballot by mail
  • Issuance of one-stop absentee ballot
  • Issuance of ballot on election day.

 This measure is in addition to the verbal instructions the one-stop/poll workers are to provide.